Terms and condition

General Terms and Conditions


Applicatory Directive.

1. The following general terms stated as follows (“T&Cs”) are applied to all product orders and purchases on the Internet Site http://www.tabaccheriarizzi.it as follows (“Web Site”) managed by Tabaccheria Rizzi, located in Via Trento 27, 25128 Brescia, as follows (“Tabaccheria Rizzi”) by people residing in countries in which the Web Site is or will be active, as follows (“Client”).


2. The client is held to read the T&Cs carefully before carrying out any order or purchase.
3. With the acceptance of the T&Cs and the shipping of the order, the Client declares:
I. To have read the T&Cs, understood and accepted the T&Cs totally and without reserve.
II. To be a purchaser and want to buy products for strictly personal use and not for re-sale in any commercial environment or business of any nature.
III. The authorisation for the Tabaccheria Rizzi to manage, elaborate, use and transfer to third parties both in Italy and abroad, the purchaser’s personal data in the scope of carrying out the order in question.
4. Tabaccheria Rizzi does its best so that the information contained in the Web Site is accurate and up-dated. As a result it is not always possible to offer guarantees regarding the fore mentioned. The Client recognises and accepts that the Product may not conform totally to the indications, the specifications and/or the photographs present on the Web Site.


5. The sales contract between Tabaccheria Rizzi and the Client will be defined and finalised by sending the purchase order to the Client to the Client’s email address with the written confirmation for shipping.
6. Tabaccheria Rizzi will consider possible requests for order cancellation sent to Tabaccheria Rizzi before shipping the product to the Client.
7. In the case that a determined product present in the Client’s order is no longer available, Tabaccheria Rizzi will have no obligation to supply the product in question, but will be held responsible to inform the client promptly of the above mentioned circumstance.  In the event that only a part of the product is available as indicated in the order Tabaccheria Rizzi will contact the client to ask if the Client wants to cancel the order or is willing to accept just the available products. In that case the Client will only be charged the amount relative to the product that he receives.
8. Tabaccheria Rizzi reserves the right at his discretion to reduce the quantity of products available for purchase on the Web Site.
9. The product prices expressed in Euros will be those indicated on the invoice. Tabaccheria Rizzi will do its best so that the prices indicated on the Web Site are correct and up-to-date.
10. The cost of shipping and delivery can vary depending on the country the product is destined and will be charged to the Client at the moment of shipping based on the shipping tariff in effect and according to the relative section on the Web Site.
11. The payment will be carried out by the Client at the moment of shipping confirmation by credit card or other payment methods as indicated in the relative section on the Web Site.


12. The product delivery will be carried out to the delivery address indicated by the Client in the order.
13. The products will be shipped within 30 (thirty) days from the order confirmation by Tabaccheria Rizzi taking into account that the times for delivery can vary according to the country destination. In the case that the delivery suffers delays for reasons not attributed to Tabaccheria Rizzi, the Client will, if possible be contacted with the new delivery date.
14. Tabacceria Rizzi reserves the right to refuse, suspend or cancel the delivery or the compliance of any of the obligations that derive from the sales contract in the case of presumed fraud and the non-compliance and/or violation by part of the Client regarding obligations assumed with Tabaccheria Rizzi with previous orders or sales contracts.
15. If the ordered products are subject to customs (based on country of shipping destination) and the Client decides to refuse the order when the product reaches customs, Tabaccheria Rizzi will not grant a product refund and the product itself will be abandoned on site.

Returns Policy

16. The Client has the right to return the products purchased from http://www.tabaccheriarizzi.it without being charged  or held to give reason within fourteen (14) calendar days starting from the reception of the product by part of the Client in question and respectively within the terms of delivery applicable to the country of residence of the Client if this period is longer.
With the receipt of the product on behalf of Tabaccheria Rizzi the sales contract will be cancelled in all its effects and all its relative obligations, rights or demands will be withdrawn. On the event that the product returned to Tabaccheria Rizzi results in being damaged, Tabaccheria Rizzi will have the right to compensation for the damage utilising the payment of the products already carried out by part of the Client.
17. Furthermore to the above stated (Clauses 15-16), the right of returns is subject to the following conditions:
I. Within fourteen (14) calander days from the receipt of the product by part of the Client. The Client will have to contact the Tabaccheria Rizzi Client Services calling the number 030 300627 or by sending an email to: info@tabaccheriarizzi.it to request the authorisation of return (“RMA”):
II.  After having received the (“RMA”), the products will have to re-shipped to the Tabaccheria Rizzi with full responsibility of the Client by a single shipment by means of corriere or registered post within two (2) days from the date of the reception of the (“RMA”). In case of delivery of the re-substituted pack to the wrong address Tabaccheria Rizzi will request the proof of delivery with the relative documentation and the signature of the person who received the substituted pack from the Client. If the Client is not able to supply the proof of delivery Tabaccheria Rizzi will not concede the reimbursement.
III. The product that is returned will be unused, not consumed or damaged.
IV. The product label identifying the product should be intact and still attached to the object as it was in its original state.
V. The product will have to be re-substituted with its original packaging and wrappings with all accessories and instruction manuals.
18. As soon as Tabaccheria Rizzi is able to confirm the condition of the product in question as satisfactory, Tabaccheria Rizzi will send the Client a confirmation email for the acceptance for the return and will start for the procedure for reimbursement which will be returned within thirty (30) days independently from the payment method utilised by the Client. The reimbursement of the sum paid by the Client will be carried out exclusively to the Client that has made payment.
19.  In the case that the conditions above mentioned are not respected, the Client will not have the right to reimbursement of the sum paid to Tabaccheria Rizzi. The Client will still have the right to have the returned products resent at his expense and risk. If the Client does not decide to have the returned products resent within thirty (30) days from the relative communication by part of Tabaccheria Rizzi, Tabaccheria Rizzi will have the right to withhold the sum received in relationship to the transaction.

Guarantee and Rights

20. The guarantee offered by Tabaccheria Rizzi is limited to eventual defects that are apparent in the product, excluding and without limitations the guarantee regarding the quality and suitability for the Client’s purpose. The period is of two (2) years from the date of delivery.
21. The guarantee is offered in order to obtain a reimbursement of the sum paid for defective products provided that the defect is communicated to Tabaccheria Rizzi within two (2) months from when the defect has been noted.
22. Further to what has been indicated in (Clause 22-23) the right for reimbursement is subject to the following conditions under penalty of invalidation of the guarantee:
i. Before the re-shipping of defective products to Tabaccheria Rizzi, the Client will have to contact the Client Services at Tabaccheria Rizzi, calling the number 030 300627 or by sending an email to info@tabaccheriarizzi.it to have the authorisation to proceed with the returns.
ii. The defective products will be withdrawn by Tabaccheria Rizzi at its expense.
23. Once the defective product has been received and verified Tabaccheria Rizzi will send an email to the Client to confirm the acceptance of the return and will proceed in reimbursing the Client the price paid for the defective product and will be carried out within thirty (30) days, independently from the method of payment adopted by the Client previously. The reimbursement of the sums paid to the Client will always be made exclusively in favour of the Client who made the payment.
24. Except for the guarantee above mentioned Tabaccheria Rizzi excludes any and every responsibility (contractual and non-contractual) in regard to the Client within the limits of the applicable laws and regulations.
25. In any case will the total responsibility of Tabaccheria Rizzi be held to exceed the corresponding amount for which the product was purchased by the Client.

General Conditions

26. In the case in which one or more of the conditions in this T&Cs should be breeched, void, illegal or ineffective will result in the total non-effectiveness of the T&Cs.  The conditions in question will be regulated by a similar valid condition that will take into due account the contents and intent of the aforementioned in respect to the current regulations and laws.
27.  These “T&Cs” are subject to the full powers of Italian law. Eventual discrepancies will be referred exclusively to the competent legal office of Brescia.

Shipping Costs

28. Shipping fee for Italy* depend on the amount of the order:

Under € 50 € 8,00
From € 51 to € 100 € 6,00
From € 101 to € 150 € 4,00
From € 151 to € 200 € 2,00

Tabaccheria Rizzi deliver all over the world**.
The shipping fee for other countries will be calculated on the weight of the goods and on the destination country.***:

From 0 to 1.5Kg 28€ 27€ 58€ 27€ 44€ 42€ 43€ 90€
From 1.5 to 2.5Kg 31€ 61€ 68€ 32€ 52€ 51€ 51€ 106€
From 2.5 to 5Kg 38€ 38€ 90€ 44€ 70€ 68€ 67€ 142€
From 5 to 10Kg 47€ 50€ 115€ 64€ 105€ 99€ 103€ 217€
From 10 to 25Kg 86€ 140€ 225€ 147€ 221€ 206€ 228€ 471€
From 25 to 40Kg 114€ 193€ 318€ 214€ 316€ 295€ 327€ 660€

* San Marino and Stato del Vaticano are included..
** Some countries are not served by the courier. For more information contact us.
*** You must select the shipping country to see the effective shipping cost..

VAT tax

29. When shopping in the European Union shoppers must pay a sales tax (known as VAT) on most goods. This VAT is already included in the sales price and the rate of VAT varies from one country to another. By law, non-EU residents are entitled to reclaim the VAT paid on items purchased but exported from the EU.